eco Inner Scandinavia Innovation & Development

ecoINSIDE is a project about climate-driven growth in Inner Scandinavia, a cross-border region containing the four counties of Akershus and Hedmark (Norway) and Dalarna and Värmland (Sweden).

Through commitment to green economic development through cross-border cooperation, the project will achieve added value and solve environmental and climate challenges. This will be done by utilizing different skills and strengths, and establish cooperation between business, research and innovation environments across the border.

Within the three focus areas Solar Technology & Energy Systems, Waste Resources and Sustainable Building Technology, there is potential for partnerships and for achieving crossborder added value.

Trine Kopstad Berentsen

Solenergi & energi­system

Huvudprosjektleder ­& ­Solenergi Norge
Kunnskapsbyen Lillestrøm
+47 930 14 801

Magnus Nilsson

Solenergi & energi­system

Områdesansvarig Solenergi
Arvika Kommun
+46 70 792 87 28

Sara Skärhem


Projektledare Sverige ­& Områdesansvarig Restresurser
Dalarna Science Park
+46 70 680 46 44

Eva Myrin


Projektledare SITE
Miljö och Avfallsbyrån
+46 70 760 45 56

Ola Rostad

Bärkraftigt byggande

Områdesansvarig Bygg
+47 911 53 636

Åke Persson

Bärkraftigt byggande

Bygg Sverige
Byggdialog Dalarna
+46 70 325 30 02

Felicia Casselbrant

Dalarna Science Park
+46 70 667 22 82

Steinar Aasen

Kommunikasjonsleder Norge
Kunnskapsbyen Lillestrøm
+47 99 63 96 92

Magnus Jonsson

Arvika Kommun
+46 570 817 00

Akershus Fylkeskommune Public co-funder of the project.

Älvdalens kommun One of the SITE region munici­pa­li­ties. Takes part in developing sust­ainable management of bio waste.

Arvika kommun Project owner, in charge of financial and activity reports to EU Interreg.

Asplan Viak Consultants within business development, architecture and energy efficiency.

Aurskog Høland kommune A municipality in Akershus that focuses on the environment and a sustainable use of resources.

Bellona Environmental NGO with strong competence within solar, waste management and sustainable building technology.

ByggDialog Dalarna A leading cluster within sustainable building technology.

Dalarna Science Park Project manager for the Swedish side. Runs development projects and supports new business ideas to find their way into the market.

Energigjenvinningsetaten The waste management organisa­tion in Oslo municipality with expertise on recycling and waste management.

Energiråd Innlandet Inland Norway Energy Agency is a regional knowledge centre for ener­gy efficiency and renewable energy.

EU Interreg Interreg is a EU program that promotes increased collaboration over nation borders.

FerroAmp Offers solar energy systems and the energy storing unit Energy Hub ACE.

Föreningen Hållbart byggande i Värmland Coordinates actors with ambitions to create a more sustainable housing and building sector in Värmland.

Fortum Energy company that produces and distributes environmentally benign electricity and heat.

FUSen Offers complete solar energy system solutions, focusing on commercial buildings.

Glava Energy Center A world-leading test center for renewable energy solutions.

GreenGas Offers scalable modules for biogas plants. End results are dry organic fertilizer and clean water, in addition to renewable energy.

Hedmark Fylkeskommune Public co-funder of the project.

Hedmark Kunnskapspark Stimulates the development of knowledge-based industry in Hedmark, Norway’s largest county.

Heidner Arena The leading Norwegian bio econo­my cluster for innovations in sustainable food production.

Hias Hias IKS is an inter-municipal waste management company owned by Hamar, Stange, Ringsaker and Løten municipalities.

Högskolan Dalarna The Solar Energy Research Center (SERC) is a specialist in complete energy systems and storage combinations.

NTNU Gjøvik A Norwegian university college with an international perspective, focusing on innovation in sustain­able technology.

Høgskolen i Innlandet The department of applied ecology performs research within bio energy and applied ecology.

Høgskolen i Oslo og Akershus Performs research on sustainable building technology, design, energy and environment.

Hurdal kommune Leading municipality within sustainable development.

Institute for Energy Technology International research foundation within renewable technologies.

Karlstads Universitet Leading research department on solar cells made from silicon as well as new conjugated polymers.

Kunnskapsbyen Lillestrøm Project owner for the Norwegian side, facilitator of development processes.

Magnor Næringshage Refining ideas, talents and projects into profitable companies and work places.

Malung-Sälens kommun One of the SITE region municipali­ties. Takes part in developing sust­ainable management of bio waste.

Multiconsult Consultants within solar techno­logy and sustainable building technology.

NMBU Norwegian University of Life Science has a strong R&D depart­ment within solar technology.

Norges Vel NGO within sustainable develop­ment, project facilitator, project management.

Norsk Solenergiforening NGO for Norway's solar energy sector, lobbying for better conditi­ons for the solar energy industry.

Klimalab Oppland The Climate and Energy Laboratory is a place for spectacular experi­en­ce, a place to cooperate and learn.

Optistring Is developing a unique power inverter system for grid connected solar power installations.

OREEC Oslo Renewable Energy and Envi­ron­ment Cluster is a department of Kunnskapsbyen Lillestrøm.

ØRAS Øvre Romerike Waste Management Association works with collection, recycling and waste management.

Perfekta Installers of the SweModule solar energy modules.

Region Dalarna Public co-funder of the project.

Region Värmland Public co-funder of the project.

Regionrådet Sør-Østerdal Focusing on how public building actors can promote local sustainable services.

ROAF Romerike Waste Refinery Associ­ation works with waste collection, recycling and management.


Solenergiklyngen The Norwegian Solar Energy Cluster, which was established in 2013, works to establish a strong business cluster within the solar energy sector.

SoletAer Makes an active solar heated pump that produces hot tap water using solar energy.

Torsby kommun Public co-funder of the project.

Tretorget A cluster organization focusing on wood for sustainable building. Involved in projects for new use of wood in the bio economy.

Trysil Kommune One of the SITE region municipali­ties. Takes part in developing sust­ainable management of bio waste.